In the art there is a prejudice against 'electronica'.
In music, 'electronica' is an attitude, an aesthetic inclination, not only the use of computer..

1987. Through a radio broadcast and working as djs in small local clubs, we try to turn to the most experimental side of the electronic music of the period (from the Cocteau Twins to the Test Department, from Tuxedomoon to the ClockDVA, etc.).
1993. The “Red Planet” radio broadcast starts its programs, spreading the emerging electronic sound. Soon, the experience gives rise to a group organising events in collaboration with local realities (solo musicians, djs, videomakers, radio stations, indipendent social centres). The distinctive feature of the events we organise is the attempt to produce and spread a sound of quality, stressing its most innovative artistic aspects, and its bonds with other forms of art (graphics, painting, video). The activity of a single musician starts from experimenting with an audio station based on one of the first PC Tracker, some expander, a multieffect, and an electric guitar.
Between the end of the 90’s and the first years of the new millenium, a strong “crew” of collaborators keep on their dj’s activities, organising events to create an alternative space for electronic music. In the local club scene there is no space for the search of sound, nor for quality sound, music is only a contour to the dancefloor. There is a need for a balance between the dancefloor and pure listening, between body and mind. Our chosen place is the one that was then called “chill-out zone”.
In 2004, is born. It promotes and spreads the work of independent musicians producing MP3 to download for free, thanks to the new creative commons licences allowing a “copyleft” attitude.
With the same aesthetic setup, the solo musician project called 'matera electronics' is launched. Some tracks like “glame”, are released.
In the summer 2005, dj-sets become live-sets, interily produced with two laptops and a Reaktor software, managed by a MIDI controller, and synchronized via ethernet.
In 2006, the album “nature” is released. It focuses on the relationship between nature and man’s cultural expressions, between natural elements and technical production. The sound is spare, sometimes evoking gloomy atmospheres, but it takes a definite melodic connotation, taking a place in that musical ground typical of the early 90’s electronic music.